Greenlit Recycling

Business Planning, Branding, Website, and App Design Strategy

Its one-word name ‘Greenlit’ means to leap forward. Greenlit’s mission is to repurpose the recycling journey and to preserve the earth’s energy for a cleaner future by empowering businesses, landlords, homeowners, and communities with the tools to gain the most out of their recyclables. This passion project explores the necessary avenues and experiences required for better recycling for businesses and customers.

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Construct a Business Plan

Apply multiple research methods to develop a business plan and indicate the extortionate problems with recycling.

Establish the Brand Identity

Ideate, research, and draft solutions to formulate a recognizable brand that resonates with the business and its users.

B2B Experience for Businesses and Recycling Facilities

Prototype and conceptualize a user-centric e-commerce for businesses and recycling facilities.

B2C Experience for On-Demand Recycling

Prioritize customer needs with a user-centric recycling app.

Growth, Expanding the Business

Identify ambitious business opportunities that could be offered in the future to customers, communities, businesses, and recycling facilities.


Our non-profit corporation is a collective of forward-thinkers helping their local communities innovate and cut costs by recycling and volunteering for your community. Our founder, Ally Graham, registered Greenlit as a non-profit corporation in the state of Delaware in 2021 to provide local communities with the tools to conserve their spending and increase the convenience of recycling. Our users want to preserve the earth and its environments; are confident about recycling and saving money; are voices that green-lit better recycling in their community.

Identify Problems

During my environmental science course, I wondered why people are not recycling. I want to construct a business plan that can help communities innovate the recycling process. What are the recycling challenges in communities.Recycling is not being used to its fullest potential. Recycling is meant to benefit communities with the conversion of materials from waste.Businesses and residential areas are not equipped with resources to properly recycle. It would be an excellent opportunity to help businesses buy supplies from recycling facilities.Taking this concept a step further, I would like to implement a website for businesses to order the parts they need to recycle materials properly. I wanted to create an app where users are given the resources to recycle their products properly; this includes having someone come and pick up your recycled goods. Many biodegradable products still end up in landfills. Sometimes it’s even more expensive to recycle compared to letting items go to waste.

Business Research

Every week I challenged myself to learn something new about the recycling process, material recycling facilities, and the materials recycled. By communicating with people who have experience working in a recycling facility and my user testing results, Greenlit has defined the target population’s demographics and beneficiaries. Our target population supports the health of the environment, recycling daily, and learning how to recycle correctly. Greenlit’s headquarters are located in Dayton, Ohio, and is the first community to innovate recycling with Greenlit; Our non-profit corporation targets users within the recycling niche. Recycling is apart of everyone’s life, and while everyone recycles, Greenlit’s users are from communities that are simplifying the recycling process. Greenlit’s users are families who want to receive the most bang for their recycling and are wanting to recycle with confidence.

Why Are People Not Recycling?

Our users are influencers who recycle and want to motivate others to recycle. To understand and develop our users’ persona, we relied on user testing to understand our audience and their needs. Before user testing, Greenlit needs to identify why people are not recycling and what would they need to feel empowered to recycle. To construct our prototype to test how users respond to recycling, Greenlit will rely on secondary research to cultivate the test. Articles about why people won’t recycle and the financial burden caused by improper recycling are the key motivators for launching the prototype.

Greenlit's Mission

Our mission is to repurpose the recycling journey and stop recyclables’ from becoming an un-recyclable by equipping users, businesses, and residential areas with recycling resources.

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Brand Identity

Who We Are

We are forward thinkers who stand for innovation, sustainability, and accessibility.We rely on science, research, and creativity to find the best solution. We strive to live life sustainably by providing everyone with the ability to recycle. In my case study booklet I provide a more in-depth look at Greenlit's brand

Greenlit Logo

Frogs are a symbol of change and transformation. Greenlit changes communities, businesses, and facilities with better recycling routines and habits. Making this leap is vital to us because it can reduce the expenses of improper recycling. Its costs have made using landfills more convenient than recycling, which is why it’s essential to change how we spend our waste. The final logo is used for print, web, and Greenlit’s app.

E-commerce Site Maps

The final sitemap focuses on business and facility users. While offers like recycling facility supplies might not be available until the future of the business. I wanted to visualize how all the offerings and products would combine as one.

Design Ideation

Design IdeationI wanted to challenge myself by combining photography and graphic elements since I am already skilled with the illustration. While I plan to apply illustration and graphics throughout the app experience, I still think it’s necessary to use a slightly different aesthetic for the business to the business portion of Greenlit.

E-commerce Wireframes

When creating the wireframes for Greenlit, I wanted to make sure it piqued engineers and environmental workers’ interest. While this also appeals to businesses, I wanted to make sure that products being sold for recycling facilities felt relevant.

Prototype For User Testing

I had two testers with engineering experience test the e-commerce website and the relevancy of the product offerings. I relied on InVision to prototype the wireframes.

User Testing Results

I discovered that recycling problems are due to lack of education and understanding of what can and what cannot be recycled. To construct our prototype and test how users respond to recycling, the user test will focus on the needs of engineers and the drive behind operating a sustainable business.

User Testing Questions

I prepared each test by creating a scenario and and a Google Doc to document responses. I used Google Meet to host my user testing experience with two engineers

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App Design and Workflow

New Insights

Reflecting on this study’s goals, I have become more environmentally conscientious about avoiding waste from entering the recycling bin.


Greenlit plans to promote products and programs to communities in theDayton area. The Dayton area is an opportunity to test Greenlit’s plan to solve the recycling process.


The goals of Greenlit is to solve recycling problems in communities, educate communities about recycling, minimize the waste ruining recycling bins


Overtime Greenlit’s goal is to innovate the recycling process and minimize waste in the recycling bins.

Measuring our Impact

Monitoring Communities : Greenlit monitors and tracks the recycling process from sorting to collecting to save cities money.Monitoring the Environment : Greenlit’s continuous monitoring helps humanity minimize waste, preserving the environment, and vital resources.

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