AAF National Student Advertising Competition

Agency 940 created a marketing strategy that includes two landing pages, diverse marketing channel strategies, and partnerships with influencers and well-known brands to empathize and connect with Tinder's audience.

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My Focus

Marketing Strategist and Researcher

I compiled and organized the team's primary and secondary research. I organized our survey data and conducted one-to-one interviews from different regions of America. I helped establish segments of the marketing campaign that involved the partnerships with gaming influencers and The Sims.

Designer and Producer

I conceptualized experiential marketing approaches that focused on The Sims and Gaming influencers. Tinder will partner with The Sims and release a game pack that reintroduce the Social Bunny from past games to support Sims' social needs. I also designed content, layout, and animations for the final presentation.

The Problem

Tinder has developed a negative brand reputation due to its hookup user base. The hookup culture is just a fraction of Tinder's user base, but negative experiences have distorted Tinder's brand values. Targeting new college students 18-19 years of age, Agency 940 must create a campaign that resonates with Gen Z.


Create a multi-touchpoint campaign with a full-funnel approach. Expand its user base with new registrations and reactivations. The campaign aims to build brand love, and expand its user base with new registrations and reactivations.

Primary Research


Going against Tinder's guidelines and policies, we sent surveys to current Tinder users, 18-20 years of age. Our research focused on their experience, knowledge, and perception of Tinder's brand.

Focus Groups

Our survey findings allowed the team to create potential concepts and themes for the campaign, presented to a focus group of 18-19 year-olds. The focus group identified their expectations and solidified the best approach for the campaign.


I conducted one-on-one interviews with three 18-19-year-olds from different regions of the U.S. One of my interviewees expressed their struggles when trying to meet new people, especially after moving from Marietta, Ohio, to Virginia Beach.

Team 940 Respondent Demographics
Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics (2021) businessofapps.com

Data Synthesis

During the design and execution of the plansbook, I continued to synthesize our findings. Agency 940 surveyed 318 Tinder users. I also conducted one-to-one interviews across the nation. We had a bountiful of data; I synthesized and re-synthesized the data to ensure Tinder's audience is at the forefront of planning. I organized the survey data on Google Spreadsheets. The survey data and it's sample size resulted in highly accurate results, and it aligned with our secondary data.

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