YSI, a Xylem brand

Sister Company Branding

Xylem Analytics has owned Yellow Springs Instruments for almost a decade; it has expanded YSI’s market and product offerings for new loyal customers. With over thirty brands that must fit with Xylem’s brand, there are detailed brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency.Xylem’s mission connects with YSI’s offerings. Still, it can also create identity gaps between Xylem and its sister companies that have acquired equity.

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Establish The Brand Identity

Create a brand Identity that aligns with Xylem.

Brand Guide

Create individuality and consistency for a brand within a brand; this includes developing creative elements like typography and Iconography.

About YSI

While still keeping true to YSI’s loyal audience. individuality exercises creativity with science, and I have learned valuable industry lessons.Combing the history and their products created the full title YellowSprings Instruments, but no one likes being called by their full name, some prefer YSI. To put it shortly, here’s a quote from our website about some of what we do:“We work with industry and government professionals to provide monitoring and sampling solutions for process improvement and to protect our planet’s natural resources.” (YSI.com/about/history)